Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Poland

Are you looking for an opportunity to get Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Poland?
Employees of our translation agency network 'Ukraine' will be happy to help you!
If a person is on the territory of Poland, he can independently order this Certificate, ask directly the information from the criminal record of the National Registry Office or appeal to one of the provide information office at district courts. But, if you are located outside the territory of Poland, in this case you can contact to our translation agency and get this Certificate of No Criminal Conviction at one of our agencies in the territory of Ukraine or at the office of the courier service, both in Ukraine and abroad.
In addition, if you need to receive (or make an enquiry) of Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Poland, you can order Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and some other countries in our Agency.
You can find more information dealing with options for payment and delivery of the Certificate on the page of: "Payment | Delivery".
Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Poland is also called like Certificate of good conduct.
If this Certificate is destined to use outside the territory of Poland, an Apostille will be required to stamp in such case. If an Apostille is stamped, the Certificate will be destined for use in Hague Apostille countries. The Certificate is apostilled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland only. Therefore, the client need to specify in organization, requires the Certificate beforehand, is it really need to apostille this Certificate? You need to for it for prevention the situation of returning this Certificate on territory of Poland again, if it had been already apostilled. In addition to the Apostille stamping, the Certificate you must to be translated into the language of the country in which it is destined for use. The translated document must be notarized. This part of work dealing with the process of receipt of the Certificate you may also get in our Office or with a help of other contractors of the country, where the Certificate is issued.
A list with the names of Hague Apostille countries can be found on the page of 'the Hague Convention' of our site.
Usually, all companies who deal with the provision of services with getting Certificate of No Criminal Conviction ask the client to present a power of attorney, executed on its representative in Poland. In case of co-operation with our company, a notarized power of attorney is not required. Our experts will help you with the procedure of getting the Certificate and do an Apostille in the relevant state departments of Poland without a power of attorney, and therefore without any additional costs for the client. If the client need to get such Certificate, it is necessary to provide him a high quality scanned copies (not a photocopy) of his passport and make partial prepayments only. Full payment for enquiries the Certificate can be carried out after receipt of the original of document. 
Certificate of No Criminal Conviction in Poland (Certificate of Good Conduct) is valid for 6 months. An Apostille stamps have no limitation period, but in this case, the term of validity is limited by a term of the Certificate action.