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Apostilization of a diploma in Ukraine

Apostilization of a diploma in Ukraine is a service that has been provided to more than 1000 clients of our company!
Apostilization of a diploma and its supplement in Ukraine (academic transcript) is provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. This procedure is ordered for employment or studying abroad. Apostilization of a diploma in Ukraine may also be required if a foreign employer needs confirmation of the higher education obtained in Ukraine. In Ukraine, a diploma and a supplement are two separate documents. That is why they should be apostilled separately either.
Usually, to simply apostille an education document is not enough. Only the document that is apostilled, translated into a foreign language and notarized may have a legal force abroad.
Our company, A Network of Translation Agencies of Ukraine, may provide you with a full set of documents for further use abroad.
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The look of a new standard form diploma with an apostille:
apostille_on_diplome.jpg       apostille_on_diplome2.jpg       apostille_on_diplome_3.jpg
A plastic document (diploma) is holed by a special hole punch. Then, a square sheet of cardboard - which is slightly larger than a document - is sewn by a cloth tape. The cardboard is already printed a standard type apostille stamp, which is signed by the authorized person and sealed by the ministry.
The apostille stamp contains the following information:
1. Country of issues (diploma);
2. Name of the official who signed a document;
3. Position of the official who signed a document;
4. Name of the educational institution that sealed a document;
5. The city of location of the department (ministry) that puts down (makes conformation) apostille on a document;
6. Date of apostilization;
7. Name and position of the person responsible for apostilization;
8. Apostille number;
9. Seal of the ministry that puts down apostille on a document;
10. Signature of the official responsible for apostilization;
11. A document series and number, a brief explanation of the procedure, and address (domain) on the Internet to verify an apostille.
Apostille on a diploma in Ukraine and a diploma itself are permanent.