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Apostille in Ukraine

More than 1000 of our clients have ordered Apostille in Ukraine !
A Network of Translation Agencies ‘UKRAINE’ LLC renders the services of apostilization of different documents within the minimum time and at reasonable price, and also sends the prepared documents worldwide.
The price depends on the type of document requiring apostilization. To find out the price and the period of apostilization in Ukraine, click the ‘price-list” page or contact our operator by any convenient method offered on this site.
There are several ministries that can apostille a document. The ministry should be chosen depending on the type of document.
For example, educational documents such as: diplomas and transcripts, school reports, school certificates, graduation certificates, extracts and references about education are to be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Apostille of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine:
Such documents as certificates, extracts and certificates issued by registry office, are to be sent to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The documents issued by the notary and by the court establishments are also to be apostilled in this ministry.
Apostille of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine:
Apostilization of different archive documents, medical certificates, police clearance certificates, official documents of commercial nature (articles of association, certificate of registration, and articles of incorporation) is affixed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine:
Apostille is not affixed on originals of documents containing photographs, work record books, accounting and customs documents, and documents, which are not considered to be official documents.
It is necessary to apostille an official Ukrainian document in the case of its usage abroad. But for the document to be accepted by the establishment abroad apostilization is not enough.
Firstly, it is necessary to consider that the targeted country should be the member of the Hague Convention. The list of the member countries are given in table No. 1 on this page.
Secondly, after apostilization, it is necessary to translate the document into the language of the targeted country.
Thirdly, the translation should be attached to the original or copy of the apostilled document (it depends on the type of the source document and the requirements of receiving organization) and should be notarized.
The above-mentioned complex of actions is called ‘simplified method of documents legalization’, available in our company.
There is no need to legalize Ukrainian documents for the countries, which have signed with Ukraine a bilateral agreement about legal assistance in civil cases. Such countries require notarized translation of the document. The list of countries that have signed such kind of agreement, is given in table No. 2 on this page. Such countries may also be the members of the Hague Convention.
Table No. 1
The list of countries, which are the members of the Hague Convention as on January 01, 2017:
Table No. 2
The list of countries that have signed an agreement with Ukraine about legal assistance in civil cases as on January 01, 2017:
If you didn’t find the required country in two tables above, the method of simplified legalization (affixing of Apostille) or notarized translation is not suitable for you. In such a case, it is necessary to make out the documents with the help of the consular legalization procedure. You may get acquainted with the consular legalization procedure on ‘consular legalization of documents” page of this site.
If you have decided to order apostilization (documents legalization) in out network, please, visit our nearest office or order online.
How to order apostilization in Ukraine online?
1. It is necessary to choose the method of document execution:
- whether it is necessary to apostille the original document or notarized copy;
- whether it is necessary to translate the apostilled document into the language of the targeted country and whether it is necessary to notarize (it is recommended).
2. You may send a required document to our office using a courier service. If it is necessary to apostille a police clearance certificate, migration service certificate, duplicate of registry office certificate or other document, which may be demanded by our company – sending is not required.
3. To pay the minimum 50% of the total price of the order via Internet-banking, international money transfer, and terminal or by other method.
According to the order, out employees will get all the paperwork done and will send the scanned copies to the client for review via e-mail or Skype. If there are no remarks after the documents review, the client pays the remaining 50% of the price and the originals of the documents will be sent to the notified address of the client. The remaining 50% of the price, except for the methods which were mentioned in sub-paragraph No. 3, may be paid by cash upon delivery of the prepared documents, if they were sent countrywide (Ukraine) with the help of courier service “Nova Poshta”.