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Company-issued certification of translations

Are you looking for the company to order written translation with certification in Ukraine?
If it is necessary to notarize a document, go to the page “Notarized translations” on this site.
If it is necessary to translate a document without notarization, our company provides the service of company-issued certification of translations in Ukraine, which will materially reduce time and expenses for completion of paperwork.
Find out more about company-issued certification of translations in Ukraine mean.
In our work employees deal with different questions from the clients, among others is the request to provide such service as the translation on our company's letterhead. Some clients believe that the translation should be on our company's letterhead, because only in that case it will have full force and effect.
In fact, translation on the company’s letterhead will make the executed documents ambiguous.
Company’s letterhead is a A4 size sheet on which the company’s name, logotype, contacts and details are specified. It is used by different state organizations, legal entities, entrepreneurs for internal documents flow, for official written requests and for commercial offers by the business partner. Company’s letterhead underlines a corporate style, gives positive image and serves as an advertisement. That is why the company’s letterhead is more necessary to the company, which uses it.
Consequently, in the course of consultations it often turns out that the client actually needs not the translation on the company’s letterhead but, for example:
- translation to be printed on the letterhead of the client`s company;
- translation of the text for the following filling of the company’s letterhead (profile) of the employer abroad;
- translation of the text to be printed into the questionnaires for entering the higher educational establishment abroad.
But, in 90% of cases, the clients need exactly certification by the stamp or seal of the translation agency, that is company-issued certification of translation.
You may find out more about the tariff rates of A Network of Translation Agencies ‘UKRAINE’ on the “Price-list” page of this site. Certification by the stamp and seal is free of charge!
The nominal fee is taken if the client requires additional materials for the execution of translations, such as binding tape with a company label.
Example of the translation with company-issued certification:
Original document (copy of old design birth certificate) is translated from Ukrainian into English and attached to the translation. The translation is certified by the signature of the translator (a person, who has prepared the translation) and the signature of the translator, in its turn, is certified by the signature of the director, by the stamp and the seal of our company. The company label, on which the number of the filed pages is specified, is put on the binding tape from the opposite side of the page with the translation. And finally, the signature of the director and the second seal of our company A Network of Translation Agencies ‘UKRAINE’ are put on the label.
Visually, this kind of certification completely repeats notarization.
A service of company-issued certification of translations is available for the clients within Ukraine and abroad!
You may find out more about the means of delivery of certified translations in Ukraine on “payment / delivery” page.