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Family Status Certificate in Ukraine

Do you need a Family Status Certificate in Ukraine?
Many people immediately apply to the civil registry offices to obtain this Certificate. However, the civil registry office has not been issuing such Certificates in Ukraine for a long time. Once the new legislation on cancellation of the compulsory registration of marriage at the place of residence entered into force, a Family Status Certificate in Ukraine was canceled, either. This is explained by the fact that the new legislation deprived the civil registry offices of the ability to track the registration of marriage and therefore to possess reliable information on the marital status of citizens.
In most of the cases this document is required for marriage abroad. Referring to a specific agency abroad, citizens ask for a list of documents for registration of marriage with a foreigner. One of the documents in this list is a certificate confirming that the future spouses are currently single.

So, today, there is one document that will replace the Certificate. It is a Notarial Declaration of Single Status in Ukraine. Notarial Declaration of Single Status in Ukraine is issued by any notary operating Ukraine. Also, you can contact the operators of our company and they organize the execution of this Declaration.

There are three variations of the Notarial Declaration of Single Status in Ukraine, such as:
- When it is supported that the applicant is not married and has never been married.
- When it is supported that the applicant, at the time of registration of the Declaration, is not married, as the previous marriage was dissolved.
- When it is supported that at the time of registration of the Declaration, the applicant is a widower (widow) and is not married.
Any of these replaces a Family Status Certificate in Ukraine. You have to choose a declaration sample according to your demands. A declaration is issued on the official letterhead of the strict reporting, with appropriate hologram and water marks.

Some citizens may require an extract from the civil register on maiden name confirmation.

If a person is in Ukraine, he/she can apply to the territorial civil registry office to get the Extract. But if the person is abroad it is possible to contact our company to request the Extract. You can also order repeated (duplicate) documents, such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate.
Please note!
It is not enough to simply request the document in Ukraine for its further use (in an original form) abroad. Any Ukrainian documents, whether it is Marriage Certificate in Ukraine, Extract from the civil registry, Statutory Declaration of Single Status in Ukraine, Certificate or Declaration of marital status in Ukraine, etc. must be brought into line (legalized) to be used abroad.
For example, for a country that has signed with Ukraine a bilateral agreement about legal assistance in civil cases (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Agreement’), it is necessary to translate the document into the language of the targeted country and notarize it. If there is no agreement between the targeted country and Ukraine but this country is a member of the Hague Convention (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Convention’), it is necessary to apostille, translate, and notarize a document. If the country has not signed an agreement and is not a member of the Convention, it is necessary to legalize documents.
Find out more about legalization and the list of countries that signed the Agreement and the member countries of the Convention see the page 'The Apostille in Ukraine' and 'Consular legalization of documents' on this site.
In all countries, a Family Status Certificate in Ukraine is to be submitted only in the original containing all stamps put in the course of legalization.
It is difficult to understand the whole process of legalization, that is why a Network of Translation Agencies Network 'Ukraine' offers to take opinion of our operators. Your questions can be put as follows:
- By calling;
- By calling via the service like SKYPE;
- By sending the question via chat;
- By writing an e-mail;
- By visiting our office.
You may find out more about prices, payment options and the information that is referred to delivery of documents the pages 'Price list' and 'Payment | Delivery' on this site.
Notable facts!
1. Not every country has an authority similar to the Civil Registry Office. In some of the countries, a marriage may be registered by a mayor's office, courts and even tax inspections.
2. During the war, in some US states it was possible to register a marriage on the basis of a power of attorney and with presence of a representative. If a person was getting married and he/she was serving soldier, it was possible to register a marriage based on his/her written expression of the will submitted to the relevant registration authorities.