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Notarized translations in Ukraine

Are you looking for a notary office or a translation agency to notarize a document? A Network of Translation Agencies ‘UKRAINE’ offers high-quality translation services with further notarization or company-issued certification by the seal.
Find out more about prices for translation, notarization or company-issued certification, as well as other services on the “price-list” page on this site.
Our company provides services throughout Ukraine and abroad. If there is still no our representational office in your region or it is far away, we offer you to order online and receive prepared original documents with the help of courier service “Nova Poshta” or “EXPRESS MAIL”. The clients abroad receive notarized translations from Ukraine by registered mail with the help of Ukrainian state enterprise “Ukrposhta” or courier service “FedEx”.
How to order online a notarized translation in Ukraine?
1. The client sends the scanned document to our corporate e-mail address specifying the details and asking about the price.
2. If the notarized translation should be attached to the original document, the original should be sent to one of our offices with the help of courier service. If the original of the document is requested for the client by our company (for example: police clearance certificate, migration service certificate, duplicate of registry office certificate), no sending is required.
3. Our employees evaluate the order and inform the total price to the client.
4. If the price is agreed, the client pays minimum 50% via Internet-banking, terminal, international money transfer systems or by any other convenient method.
5. Our employees prepare the documents and send the scanned copies to the e-mail of the client for review.
6. If the client has no remarks after the review of the document, he pays another 50% and the operator sends the originals by courier service to the specified address of the client. If the client has some remarks after review of the scanned copies of the documents, his remarks are being considered without delay. We either remove them or give the client a well-reasoned explanation. Once the proper form of document is mutually agreed, the originals are sent to the client.
Below you may find out more about the procedure of documents making out with further notarization in Ukraine.
In daily use, we are in the habit to use the statement ‘notarized translation’ but in fact, the notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of the translator.
There are several methods of notarized translation in Ukraine. Let’s look through each of them:
Method No. 1. Notarized translation is attached to the original document.
This method is usually appropriate for those who use (present to the necessary establishment) the document just once. For example, it may be a police clearance certificate or a migration service certificate. Usually, certificates are presented to different establishments abroad in original with attached notarized translation.
Method No. 2. Notarized translation is attached to the notarized copy.
This method is appropriate for those who need to certify a true copy of the original (the notarized translation is attached to). It may be marriage certificate, marriage dissolution certificate, passport, license, articles of association, gift agreement and other official documents.
Please note that the notary won’t certify informal documents/papers, for example, private correspondence, magazines, advertising booklets, documents without seals, unreadable documents (wiped out), documents with corrections or mechanical damages.
Method No. 3. Form No. 73 notarized translation is attached to the copy of the document.
This is the most high-demanded method! In this case a notarized translation is attached to any standard and non-standard original document or to any other printed information.
Method No. 4. Form No. 61 notarized translation is attached to the copy of the document.
In fact, this is duplication of notarial certification according to method No. 2 since this form of notarization certifies a true copy of the original. In also certifies the translation. The only difference between these two methods is the way of execution since certifying signature of the notary in this method is put only once at the end of the attached document. Certifying signature on form No. 61 is often used before presenting the documents to different ministries of Ukraine for putting the second Apostille.
The example of notarized translation on form No. 61, which is attached to the standard document copy:
The example of notarized translation on form No. 73, which is also attached to the standard document copy:
Scanned copies of notarized translations in Ukraine you may see here are not the original documents of our clients, they were prepared by our employees intentionally in order to use them as examples. A Network of Translation Agency "UKRAINE" keeps personal identifiable information of its clients confidential.