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Police clearance certificate in Ukraine

spravka_o_nesudimosti_v_ukraine.pngAre you interested in a police clearance certificate in Ukraine?
A Network of Translation Agencies ‘UKRAINE’ will request this certificate from the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and send the prepared document worldwide!
To order a police clearance certificate in Ukraine, the client should present in to any of our offices or send to e-mail of our company:
- a copy of the passport (pages with records) of the person for whom the certificate is issued (in some cases it is possible to prepare the certificate based on the birth certificate or international passport).
- the information about any changes of the person’s name or surname. If they were changed, specify all the previous names and surnames.
- the information about the purpose of the certificate preparation by choosing one of the following 11 items:
1. paperwork for adoption, child custody;
2. paperwork for social security bodies;
3. paperwork for receiving visa to go abroad;
4. presenting in the establishments of foreign countries;
5. paperwork for employment;
6. paperwork for receiving gun license, license for work with explosive materials;
7. paperwork for receiving the license for work with drugs, psychoactive drugs;
8. paperwork for participation in tender;
9. paperwork for receiving the citizenship;
10. paperwork for passport receiving or renewal;
11. to whom it may concern.
If it is necessary to order a police clearance certificate (certificate of no criminal record in Ukraine) for the foreign citizen in Ukraine, except for the above-mentioned information it is necessary to present spelling of the name and surname in Ukrainian. If the client-foreigner has no spelling of the name and surname in Ukrainian, our company will translate the identification document of the foreigner for receiving the certificate.
How to order online a police clearance certificate in Ukraine?
If you order online, it is necessary to send the above-mentioned information to our corporate e-mail address, pay minimum 50% of the service price and present the following information: where, when and by what courier service the client wants to receive the certificate. Final payment should be made after sending the scanned copy of the prepared certificate to the e-mail of the client or by cash upon delivery. You may find out more about the methods of payment for the certificate and delivery on the “Payment / delivery” page of this site.
The price for the certificate preparation depends on how fast you would like to receive it. It takes 1-10 working days to prepare this document. You may choose the necessary term and the price for a police clearance certificate preparation at the “Price-list” page on this site, as well as in consultation with our operator via Skype, Chat or by phone.
Please note!
The validity period of the certificate in Ukraine is 30 days.
The validity period of the certificate for presenting abroad is 90 days.
It should be noted that the certificate is considered valid since the date of its issue, but not since the date of receipt by the client.
If the certificate is to be presented abroad, the client needs to translate it into the language of the targeted country. But, in the vast majority of cases, not only translation is required. There are generally accepted international norms and rules for documents execution to be used abroad.
For example:
If the targeted country has signed a bilateral agreement with Ukraine about legal assistance in civil cases, then it is enough to translate the certificate into the language of this country and notarize it. The list of countries that have signed the agreement is given in the table No. 2 at the “Apostille in Ukraine” page on this site.
If there is no above-mentioned agreement between the targeted country and Ukraine, but the country has signed the Hague Convention, then it is necessary to apostille the certificate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, translate it into the language of the targeted country and notarize. The list of member countries of the Hague Convention is given in the table No. 1 at the “Apostille in Ukraine” page on this site.
If the targeted country and Ukraine have not signed a bilateral agreement about legal assistance in civil cases and this country is not the members of the Hague Convention, then it is necessary to execute the certificate by more complicated procedure, which is called consular legalization of documents.
But the most accurate method of executing the certificate to be presented abroad is to find out the requirements for the certificate preparation of the establishment of the targeted country.
Please note!
If a person had sustained a conviction, our company won’t be able to help with requesting a clean record certificate!

A Network of Translation Agencies ‘UKRAINE’ provide the services of requesting a police clearance certificate in Ukraine and Russia, translation of the document into foreign languages, notarization, company-issued certification of the translations, legalization and their sending throughout Ukraine and abroad, as well as other services.